Choose the Right Shoe Cabinet For Your Home

The ultimate in closet organization is a shoe cabinet. For some, this may be the single greatest thing they have done to help their home’s interior design. And even those who have a closet will admit that a shoe cabinet is one of the best ways to get organized. But where do you put your new equipment? Here, clever (read: non-obtrusive) round ventilation holes give you a place to display the shoes without getting them in your face.

If you like your shoes, you know how annoying it is to accidentally trip on them or drop them onto the floor and bang your head on the carpet. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could prevent this with a shoe storage cabinet? Most interior designers agree that this type of organization system is an important addition to any home. Whether you need a place to keep your boots, loafers, or tennis shoes, this storage solution is versatile enough to meet almost any storage need. Go for an open approach to shoe storage or go for a mirrored cabinet that can also effectively keep the dust out while displaying your treasures.

You don’t have to choose an ugly dark wood as your storage solution. In fact, many interior designers use the colour palette of the room’s paint to inspire their style. For example, dark woods are often used to evoke a more formal environment, with dark floors and cabinets. On the other hand, light wood is great if you are leaning towards a more casual design. You might choose light-colored wood stain or a clear coating to make your shoe cabinet look as bright as possible.

A useful trick to help you choose the right cabinet is to think about how you plan to use the space once the cabinet is up. Do you plan on placing it next to a sink where you can wash your feet before putting on your shoes? If so, your best bet would be to get built-in shoe cabinets. These are especially convenient when you want to save space but still display your favourite pairs of shoes.

Other options for built-in shoe cabinets include hinged shelves and drop-down shelves. The hinged shelves allow you to display taller pairs of shoes on top of a shelf and hide the shorter ones at the bottom. Drop-down shelves can be used to display all different kinds of footwear. Some of them are built with shoe pockets, which allow you to easily find your most-frequently-worn footwear when you need them. A great disadvantage of hinged and drop-down shoe cabinets is that they can be difficult to open all the way. Fortunately, there are solutions such as shoe racks that can open the door all the way for you.

If you want to go with a traditional wood shoe cabinet, you should look for one that has simple and/or solid wood features. This will provide a classic, country look that will not date as quickly. In terms of design, keep it simple; straight lines are easier to follow and draw. If you can afford to spend more money, however, you may also choose a hinged, open shelf design for a more modern, upscale look. You can even find some beautiful handcrafted designs that will add an extra level of quality and character to your shoe cabinet.

A Guide on How to Choose a Shoe Cabinet

It takes one second for shoes to turn into a disorganized mess. It can be hard to find the shoes you want to wear in the morning. Other times, they may rip and develop creases, taking away their appeal. A shoe cabinet is a perfect way to ensure that your shoes are out of the way. Shoe cabinets are versatile and practical to add to your interior décor. They are elegant if handpicked to taste. They also can serve various purposes and keep your home organized. You can pick an option that suits your space. Here are crucial pointers on how to choose a shoe cabinet.


Get a shoe cabinet with an ideal depth. Also, if you have bulky pieces like boots and heels, you need large cabinets that can host the shoes. Choose a bespoke shoe cabinet ( and enjoy deep storage. The customizable cabinets are perfect if you want something that matches your needs. Tylko gives you a chance to adjust the lengths of the cabinets.

Style and features

You want to look for a particular style and features when picking a shoe cabinet. There are plenty of styles of shoe cabinets that have breathtaking features. Wood is elegant in style. Metal complements an industrial type of décor. Additionally, some features like drawers and sliding doors can also work great if you want something concealing. Evaluate your needs and pick something that matches your style and gives the features you desire.


The functionality of the furniture is the main reason why you buy it. The function of a shoe cabinet is to store your shoes. You have to check how functional the shoe cabinet becomes in your space. For instance, vertical drawers are perfect for storing flat shoes. However, deep shelves will work for boots and high heels. Long benches with storage space can also work as seats. If in your hallway, the shoe cabinet can be a perfect space to relax.

Interior space

Every piece of furniture must match the entire interior space. The shoe cabinets must echo the ambiance of the décor. Whether they will be in the hallway, mudroom, or tucked away into your dressing area, they must exude style. Choose exquisite pieces from wood or metal that match your taste. Online shops like Tylko have amazing shoe cabinets for every design and taste. They come in different shapes, colors, styles, and materials.

A shoe cabinet can help you get rid of the clutter and get your space organized. Head to and pick a shoe cabinet that matches your style. You will find the perfect shoe cabinet that saves space and serves the need.

Tips To Create a Sustainable Interior Design

Sustainable interior design shapes our general attitude towards our environment. Working in environment which is shaped with proper designs helps us to enjoy the freshness and quality its efficiency. To ensure that these designs are sustainable there are core principles that must be adhered to. The sustainability of the interior design is not only helpful to us but also to the future generation. In this case a sustainable interior design is governed by the following basic principles: ability to reduce the environmental impacts, ability to reduce wastage, creation of heathy environment and be energy efficient.

In order to have maximum benefit and enjoyment in working in such environments these principles will have the following objectives in ensuring sustainability in interior design.

Waste reduction

When conducting interior design, it’s important for the designer to ensure that the design does not promote wastage. All material used in the design should be environmentally friendly and if possible materials that can be recycled should be encouraged. It’s important that most designers especially those specialized in making office furniture to produce innovative and eco-friendly products for the sake of protecting the environment from pollutions.

Creation of healthy environment

Indoors environment should always be conducive and attractive. No one will ever like to live in an environment that is not good. It’s essential for interior design created to enhance healthy environment which should always comprise of efficient air conditioning, clean air, good acoustics and good lighting. Homes should not be associated with pollution and any other substance that may act as toxic to environmental health. Therefore, when choosing furniture, we should consider those made from materials with low volatile organic compound emissions. In application of sustainable interior, we need to consider holistic approaches which is aimed at ensuring the environment is made safe for home stay safe. For example, plants may be considered as filters of air since they have the ability to trap dust.

Reducing environmental impacts

A sustainable interior design is aimed at reducing environmental impacts related to heating and lighting. Use of organic material such as wood stones for furniture are both attractive heat conservative and their processing does not involve high energy uses. It’s important that the design should always look for natural and eco-friendly material to enhance sustainability.

For more tips check out Tylko’s principles of sustainable interior design (


Some Important Points to Consider When Choosing a Shoe Cabinet For Your Entryway

The Baxton Studio Two-tone Shoe Cabinet is an efficient and robust shoe cabinet, which provides a large amount of room for your shoe storage. Many reviewers love this shoe cabinet. It’s very easy to build, it’s small and compact, and the internal storage has a decent amount of room. It’s very durable and does a great job of storing and protecting your shoes from damage. Here are some reasons why this product might be a good fit for you.

One of the best features of these cabinets is the wide array of available storage boxes and shelves. There are single long shelf units and multiple short shelves, along with several vertical shelf options as well. This gives you plenty of flexibility in the type of storage unit that best suits your needs.

The actual shoe storage cabinet itself is constructed from heavy-duty galvanized steel. You can also choose to purchase a hard-side or soft-side door. Both of these types offer the same wide selection of storage options. The biggest difference is whether you get a locking door or not.

One other feature is the convenience of opening up the doors of the shoe cabinet completely. These are a great option for people with kids who often drop their things but want to keep them from getting dirt or on the floor. The built-in locking system with spring clip is a simple and quick way to do this. Also, this type of storage space is ideal for keeping your kid’s sports equipment away from other areas of the home. The soft-side storage space is great for easily accessorizing your wardrobe. Some models offer open shelves, which are great for those looking for more storage space.

If you are looking for a shoe cabinet with sliding doors, be prepared to spend extra. These models are usually made out of strong wood and priced accordingly. For those who have children, however, the price probably reflects the size of the family. For families with smaller children, you may want to think about purchasing an entryway style that uses the same hardware as your shoe cabinet. This way, you will keep the entryway clean and clutter-free.

The shoe cabinet is one piece of furniture that can definitely add some style to a dull room. While there are a few reviewers who complain that the cabinet does not hold up well over time, most of the positive reviews state that the durability of the product speaks for itself. Whether you are shopping for a new cabinet or simply replacing an older one, be sure to do your research. There are many great options out there, so make sure you shop around.